Senior Officer, Contracts

Business unit Business and Commercial Support
Job category Business and Commercial Support, General Services
Contract type Full Time
Closing date 31 Mar, 2020
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Monitor Contractor’s compliance with contractual deliverables, terms and condition throughout the contract lifecycle through regular performance audits, review of performance reports and issue monthly work completion reports. Compile and prepare accurate documentation, and coordinate various tendering and contracts services while maximizing the utilization of available systems in line with Company’s standards, policies and procedures.

Minimum requirements

Contracts Mobilization

  • Develop and Coordinate contract mobilization plans to ensure successful mobilization in line with the contract requirements and deliverables.
  • Issuance of contract call-off and work orders (where applicable) in coordination with relevant internal operations team

Performance monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Ensure effective contracts post award lifecycle management including successful mobilization, performance monitoring, monthly contract performance evaluations, payments certifications and contracts close-out. 
  • Oversee the administration of all running contracts and agreements and review progress report of contract, address challenges raised by contractors and evaluate performance improvement recommendations. Coordinate monthly performance evaluation to ascertain the level of contractor’s conformity with the contract scope of work as well as general terms and conditions.
  • Monitor conformity and compliance with stipulated contract service level agreements and key performance indicators.
  • Initiate remedial measures for underperforming contracts including issuance on non-conformity reports, penalties and other measures to ensure contractor conformity to stipulated terms and conditions as well as scope of works
  • Receive and review weekly and monthly performance reports and coordinate required action plans as stipulated in the reports.
  • Initiate remedial action for contract non conformities through issuance of Non Conformity Reports (NCRs)
  • Support internal team with contractual matters related to contract terms and conditions including determination  non-compliance indicators for contract terms and conditions
  • Coordinate resolution of identified discrepancies including executive meetings with Contractors to resolve discrepancies, advice on areas requiring improvement and for negotiation. Raise recommendations to managements for new/renewal or cancellation of contracts/agreements.

Contracts Budgeting:

  • In coordination with relevant function managers, initiate and consolidate data for annual contracts budgets
  • Submit budgetary estimates for entire contracts portfolio to respective department managers/VP-GSD for incorporation into the division budget.
  • Obtain budgetary quotations for project budgeting
  • Review and revise budgetary provision accordingly as instructed by respective department managers / VP-GSD.

Contracts Administration Services:

  • Prepare technical specifications and work scopes for technical and services contracts and agreements, ensuring coordination with Procurement & Contracting Division until finalization.
  • Maintain scheduling of Tendering process, follow-up with Contracts Engineers and End Users on the status of contracts handled by the concerned Section and clarify related queries to maintain continuation of services.
  • Participate in tender technical evaluations committees to ensure the objectivity and integrity of  technical evaluations 
  • Update and maintain standard forms of communication, Tender Document, Coordinate, compile and prepare Tender Documents as per User requirements, and handle necessary formalities and preparations based on Company procedure
  • Coordinate and make necessary arrangements for third party site visit, in coordination with the Bidders and end-user.
  • Liaise with Procurement for Agreement review and initialing and carryout distribution formalities including, Agreement document preparation, forward the document for user’s review & initialing, send the Agreement to Contractor’s signature and follow-up, Management signature and final distribution of the Agreement document after both parties signature.
  • Follow-up and communicate with Finance, Insurance and procurement  with regard to the bank guarantees and insurance documents submissions
  • Run various computer-based reports to advice on the status of the pending activities with the Contractors and End Users related to the submission of offers, evaluations and clarifications.
  • Review purchase requisition, contracts requests, work orders, call-off orders, invoices and various other contracts documents.
  • Liaising with procurement and Finance to ensure compliance with related existing policies and procedures including adjustment and changes as and when they occur to minimize the impact on contract financial obligations.

Payment Certification:

  • Review contractors’ payment applications for compliance with stipulated contractual deliverables including but not limited to scope of work, insurances, performance bonds, Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Issue work completion certifications against certified works as supporting documentation for invoicing.
  • Review Contractors invoices for compliance with contract payment terms