Fuel Tank Distribution Operator

Business unit Commercial
Job category Commercial
Contract type Full Time
Closing date 31 Mar, 2020
AD-Dafra Air Base United Arab Emirates

Job Description



Controls & carries out operations at the underground depot (confined space) to receive, store and transfer aviation fuel in a safe and Dependable manner as per the Aviation/JIG Procedure and standards. Operates associated pump and pipe systems.



Job Specific Accountabilities

Fuelling Operations

  • Carries out quality checks on the tanks and pumps whenever required and completes all necessary records at the Depot.
  • Checking system fuel levels in each tank and carrying out the physical dip, Specific Gravity and Temperature.
  • Monitors storage tank dips. Carries out physical dips measures to ensure regular fuel level checks and compares the results against the tank gauging system. Completes floating suction checks, conductivity checks and routine serviceability checks on the tanks.
  • Takes samples from filters, tanks, pipelines and other equipment in the depot and shelters as per company procedures and guidelines.
  • Receipt of products by Bridgers and unloading into storage tanks as per company procedures.
  • Load the refueler and/ or transfer fuel to satellite tanks as and when required.
  • Cleans and maintains all sampling equipment including buckets, bottles, close-sampling systems, etc.
  • Report to Depot Supervisor of any expected dangers or hazards, immediately.
  • Coordinates with the Maintenance Team for routine maintenance jobs in the Depot for any defects.
  • Reports all Incidents, Near Misses and other safety concerns, immediately to the supervisor.
  • Monitoring all filter, pressure and temperature gauges and to report immediately on any defects.
  • Prepares and maintains documentation of all activities and enters data into necessary records/systems.
  • Carries out duty of fueling operator as and when required and performs other related duties as and when assigned by the Supervisor.


Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualification

  • Secondary School Education

 Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • 2-3 years of experience, fueling experience as operator