Department Manager Fleet and CNG Maintenance

Business unit Production, Supply Chain & Maintenance
Job category Production, Supply Chain & Maintenance, Maintenance
Contract type Full Time
Closing date 03 Mar, 2021
AD-Musafah Terminal United Arab Emirates

Job Description


To direct and ensure effective implementation of preventive and breakdown maintenance of ADNOC CNG facilities, heavy duty and light duty fleet, engine driven equipments and vehicle inspection centers across UAE thereby ensuring reliability, integrity, uninterrupted operations and sustenance of high productivity standards in accordance with industrial best practices and regulations.


Job Specific Accountabilities

Maintenance Planning and Management

 Oversee development of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule for all ADNOC Heavy duty and light duty vehicles, generators, lifting equipments, CNG facilities and Vehicle inspection centre to minimize the repairs, down time and impact on operations.

 Direct the planned preventive maintenance operations as per International standards and procedures to promote a preventive environment and uninterrupted fuelling services.

 Ensures that all fleet, VIC and CNG facilities maintenance work is carried out in accordance within accepted engineering good practice and according to internal company standards and specifications and provides Professional Engineering expertise in resolving major maintenance issues.

 Monitors work schedules and establishes job priorities in a broad sense by setting goals, determining capability to meet deadlines, and establishing priorities. Sets performance criteria and regularly checks progress with Team Leaders against these criteria to manage activities in the department.

 Ensure timely initiation of unplanned maintenance operations i.e. work orders and break down maintenance request for CNG facilities, VIC equipments and ADNOC fleets; when need rises and follow up with responsible team closely to ensure the operation is closed in a compliant manner.

 Monitors the progress of work and obtains feedback from user i.e. CNG operations teams Service Stations, dispatch and logistics team etc. on overall satisfaction with response times and quality of work. Ensures staff is familiar with the basics of customer service and aims to provide a high level of service to all internal customers.


Promotes awareness of safety rules and regulations by all subordinate staff and contractors. Ensures that staff and contractors comply with safety rules and regulation through issuance of permit to work, regular training of safety procedures, and safety audits.

 Oversee contractor’s activities for preventive maintenance, repair work, calibration of mechanical equipments in vehicle inspection centres and monitors and analyses expenditure variances from budget.

 Review and ensure inspection and certification of documents and supervision of 3rd party inspection for company heavy duty vehicles and lifting equipments are as per stands code of practice.

Contract Management and Vehicle Accident Management

 Develops, guide and review with the Team Leaders, the Scope of Work and Tender Documents for minor work to be awarded to contractors as per Service Work Order Procedures for CNG equipments and VIC.

 Oversees and ensure that in event of fleet road accidents arranges for vehicle recovery, safety of personnels and equipments, insurance claim issuance etc.

Inventory Management

 Develop stock needs of equipment spare parts periodically based on current stock levels and maintenance operations needs for ADNOC fleets, CNG facilities equipments and initiate purchase requisitions providing full technical specifications and details of equipment required in order to maintain healthy stock levels that ensure uninterrupted operations.

 Liaise with Procurement division for the Review, Evaluate and develop spare parts long-term price agreement contract in coordination with Procurement Division.

Performance Monitoring and Improvement

 Monitors the budget and continuously reviews manpower and operating expenses. Regularly reviews maintenance costs and ensures that resources are utilized properly.

 Drives analyses of operating and maintenance problems/issues, root cause analysis etc. Establish a System for Measuring, Analysing & Improving ADNOC heavy and light duty fleet and engine driven equipment and CNG facilities up-time that reduces maintenance.

New projects and vehicles induction

 Prepare/manage inputs, specifications and estimation for replacement of Machinery & Equipment capital budget in CNG facilities. Setting technical evaluation criteria and arrange purchase through standing offers or existing contracts. Provides technical evaluation of new offers.

 Monitors the delivery of new vehicles, trailers and equipments to ensure that they are in accordance with international specifications from agencies.

 Performs other similar or related duties regarding maintenance as and when assigned by VP-Maintenance Division.

Generic Accountabilities

Operational Plans

 Develop consistent and realistic long and short term operational plans for the Department in line with the Division objectives and manage the implementation of the approved long and short term plans and ensure they are effectively converted into its performance objectives to realise the Division Objectives and established service levels.

Budgets and Operational Plans

 Develop and manage the Department annual budget in line with the Division’s business objectives and operational plans ensuring that adequate funding provision is made for all Department activities.

 Monitor expenditure against approved Department budget on a regular basis; investigate, highlight and reconcile any significant variances to ensure effective performance and cost control

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

 Develop and implement appropriate Department policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures and internal controls, Company guidelines in order to support execution of the Division’s work programs in line with Company and International standards.

Performance Management

 Contribute to the development of the Division’s KPI’s and ensure proper cascade of the Performance objectives within the Department and establish monitoring mechanisms to ensure delivery of these objectives and promote a performance driven culture.

 Manage the implementation of the Company Performance Management System for individuals within the Department in accordance with Company approved guidelines.

People Development

 Develop knowledge, competencies and innovative spirit in the Department and support the establishment of Personal Development Plans (PDP’s), Succession Planning and Talent pipeline within the Department in coordination with the Human Capital to continuously develop employees with emphasis on UAE Nationals to meet Emiratization targets.

Organisation Structure and Development

 Review, develop and recommend the appropriate organisation structure for the Department that will best utilise human capital while proactively incorporating sustainability into the on-going work practices to meet the business objectives.

Risk Management

 Contribute and support establishment of a Corporate Integrated Risk Management System within the Department, while identifying and assessing relevant domain risks and implement measures to manage and mitigate all identified risks within the Department.

 Communicate corporate business ethics and Company’s Code of Conduct to employees within the Department and ensure compliance to the Corporate Policies and guidelines.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

 Promote an organisation culture that encourages innovation, enhances employee motivation and supports initiatives for implementation of Change Management to continuously improve the Department operations and services.

 Recommend improvements in internal processes against best practices in pursuit of greater efficiency in line with ISO standards in order to define intelligent solutions for issues confronting the Department.

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability

 Support the institution and implementation of an HSE culture and ensure compliance with relevant HSE policies, procedures, systems & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines across the Department in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Code of Practices.

 Ensure adequate HSE training and induction for all Department employees to meet HSE standards.

Management Information Systems (MIS) and Reports

 Ensure that all Department MIS and progress reports are prepared to provide accurate and timely reports and necessary information to Company Management to effectively manage the business.



 VP Maintenance

 CNG Operations, Service Stations, LPG dispatch and logistics team etc.

 Internal Audit, IT, procurement, engineering department etc.


 Vendors,

 Contractors and suppliers etc

Minimum requirements


Minimum Qualification

 Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

 12 years of experience in CNG/ Fleet Maintenance department, including 5 years at managerial level