Natural Gas

Human resources are the key to success of any organisation. For the Gas Distribution business having its interfaces with complex techno commercial issues as well as having multiple stakeholders including huge number of customers, a competent and skilled pool of human resources is a prerequisite for its sustainability.

Our Natural Gas Division has a unique business model within the ADNOC Distribution network. The division is responsible for establishing and managing the gas distribution business for a variety of applications and customer segments in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It covers supply of Gas to residential and commercial customers as well as supply of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to conventional fuels for heavy and light vehicles.

The NG Division consists of five core departments. The NG Engineering and Projects Department mainly looks into the technical aspects of Engineering, Design and Execution of projects. The Operations and Maintenance Department handles the operation and maintenance of the assets once projects are completed. The Sales and Customer Services Department manages the interface with customers for sales and customer services purposes. They are engaged in activities related to promotion of gas, which lead to customers switching from conventional fuels to gas. The NG Services Department provides support to all other departments in critical techno commercial areas inherent to the Gas Distribution business. The Quality and HSE Department is a recent inclusion within the NG Division umbrella.