Our recruitment strategy

ADNOC Distribution’s manpower strategy is planned yearly in consultation with the company’s relevant Divisions and Departments to identify specific HR needs and after careful consideration of the yearly budget. The target for Emiratisation ratios is also decided according to the organisation’s long-term plan.

Based on the information received, the Recruitment Department develops an internal plan to bring in the required workforce, in consultation with analysts and specialists. Since 2008, we’ve formed an internal taskforce to supervise the entire hiring process. This taskforce is divided into separate teams to hire talent for different business units:
•    One team focuses on service station employees
•    Another team is tasked with finding the right candidates for specialised vacancies.
•    A third team is responsible for hiring local talent
•    A fourth liaises with external recruitment agencies to find the right match according to the authorised outsourcing agreements for oil and gas companies