Our mission & vision

Empowering daily life, ADNOC Distribution excels at meeting the nation’s energy needs and sustaining its growth

Our profit-centric orientation and commitment to superior quality allow us to continue to meet the energy needs of our customers

Our values
Operating corporate principles that guide ADNOC’s actions.

  1. Agile
    We are a resilient and dynamic company – thinking strategically and moving swiftly to evolve with the changing market
  2. Innovative
    From our business model to our operational processes, we constantly look to discover and pioneer new ways to address current and future challenges.
  3. Efficient
    We leverage our expertise, knowledge and insights to optimize performance and use of resources.
  4. Value-driven
    Every decision we make as a company is through the lens of maximizing commercial value and profitability.
  5. Excellence in customer service
    Our customers are at the heart of our business and we are committed to providing world class services and products in the best conditions and environment.
  6. Collaborative
    We work in synergy with our group of companies and international partners to ensure our competitive advantage as a leading energy supplier.
  7. Reliable
    Through an integrated, holistic and HSE-focused operating model, our people, products and services are
    always dependable.

Our culture
The fundamental spirit of ADNOC and the character of our people.

  1. Bring the energy
    Unwavering passion, energy and enthusiasm defines our character and is reflected in how we work.
  2. Embrace teamwork
    Collaborative work is critical to our success and founded on the understanding that together we achieve more than we can alone
  3. Seek excellence
    We thrive on innovating new solutions, seizing opportunities and raising standards across everything we do.
  4. Deliver results
    We are driven to deliver and willing to do what it takes to ensure meeting our targets and reaching our aspirations.
  5. Exceed expectations
    We endeavor to achieve our best everyday and to never settle for anything less than the very best from ourselves, our people and our company.