Talent management

The development of human capital is a strategic priority for ADNOC Distribution as part of the company’s commitment to achieving the Emiratisation objectives outlined in the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2020.

Our National employees are our greatest asset, and we continue to provide them with targeted development opportunities to help them reach their full potential as competent and well-informed industry professionals. We see career development as a valuable growth opportunity for staff of various educational backgrounds who want to successfully take on a variety of position in the company.

As part of its nationalisation agenda, ADNOC Distribution seeks to place talented UAE Nationals in senior and mid-management levels, as well as in technical and semi-technical positions across departments. To date, the company has achieved 100% nationalisation within its top management and 70% within the aircraft fueling stations. The company is working to achieve its overall target of 75% nationalization across the board by 2017.